Phantom Tollbooth Archive

In November 2018, I received word that The Phantom Tollbooth would be ceasing operations and going offline after 22 years of delivering news and interviews about “music and more from a Christian perspective.”  The Tollbooth was the place to go for people who liked the music that was too Christian for X-station radio, but too X-station radio for church….  I learned about the Tollbooth ceasing operations from an acquaintance I met at the Prayer Chain reunion concert (Nashville show) just a few months earlier.  We’d become Facebook friends in the meantime, but I didn’t even realize when were in Nashville that she was one of the masterminds behind The Phantom Tollbooth!

Linda and Shari (founders and editors) graciously granted permission for me to save some of my favorite articles and interviews from The Phantom Tollbooth, and to re-publish them on this website as a way to keep some of the magic alive.  Thanks ladies!

Here then, is a glimpse into a great adventure in music journalism.  By the way, while these articles go back many years, many of the artists discussed here are still very active and making new music — through the bands directly mentioned, and through new projects.  You should go straight over to the googles and find out what these guys are up to these days, and buy their stuff.  Support independent rock and roll!

Here’s the articles:

The Violet Burning — Cornerstone 2002

(more coming soon!)