Foreign Consequence Management

This page provides links and references for Foreign Consequence Management (FCM). The primary reference is the Foreign Consequence Management Legal Deskbook, from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Most of the information below is taken from the Deskbook. You can order your own printed, bound hard copy of the deskbook by clicking right here.


  • Foreign Consequence Management Legal Deskbook
  • Executive Order 12656: Assigns emergency preparedness responsibilities to Federal
    agencies, including for emergencies overseas
  • Executive Order 12966: Specifies conditions under which DoD may provide foreign disaster assistance
  • United States Code 22 U.S.C. § 2151, et seq., Foreign Assistance Act: Authorizes foreign humanitarian and disaster assistance by the U.S. Federal government
  • Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 3025.15: Discusses military support to consequence management
  • Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 2000.18: CBRNE emergency response guidelines for DoD installations
  • Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 2000.21: Policy and responsibilities for DoD support to USG FCM operations
  • Joint Publication 3-40 : Joint doctrine for combating weapons of mass destruction
  • Foreign Consequence Management Planning Guide /a>: Provides guidance for planning DoD’s role in FCM operations (LINK UNAVAILABLE)
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 3121.01B : Provides the standing rules of engagement/rules for the use of force to the military services (LINK UNAVAILABLE)
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 3214.01B : Instructions regarding military support for foreign consequence
    management (LINK UNAVAILABLE)
  • USAID Automated Directives System (ADS) 530: Provides international emergency planning guidance for USAID missions abroad
  • Government Accountability Office (GAO)-02-1021: Discusses DOS programs to combat terrorism abroad
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